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Easy Ways to Add Fruits & Veggies to Your Day

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There is nothing healthier than putting veggies and fruits into our everyday meal. However, with the kind of diet we have in our modern days with more instant and canned foods, having healthy meals becomes irrelevant and unimportant. In this article, we will share with you some helpful tips in order to stay healthy with your body.  

The Basic Tips  

1.Always have veggies and fruits. A lot of people are growing their food and there are many ways on how to do it such as the plant and tree company that will help you with the fundamentals of planting.  

2.Fill half of your plate with veggies and fruits in every meal and snack you have. 

3.Make fruits and veggies substitute as they are lower in calories and therefore healthier compared to other food.  

4.Opt for steaming. Steam veggies are better compared to other ways of cooking and preparing the food as steaming would retain most of the nutrients.  

5.Grab and Go. To make eating veggies and fruits easy, it is practical to have fresh fruits and veggies in easy to grab method. You can put sliced fruits and veggies to a bowl and put them into the fridge.  

Tips for Breakfast 

1.Plan your meal for the whole day and help yourself do it by waking up earlier if you cannot plan it the night before.  

2.Make a waffle the night before and sprinkle some fresh fruits. You can put it into the toaster before leaving in the morning.  

3.When you like eating oatmeal, opt for whole-grain, use low-fat milk, and put some fresh fruits to it for a healthier and faster meal for the day.  

4.When you like having cheese and morning omelet you can have some onions, spinach, and some mushrooms for your meals 

5.If you cannot have fresh fruits, you can have some seeds and nuts instead 

Tips for Lunch 

1.Do not eat too much meat and instead replace half of the meat with veggie and fruits 

2.Add some grapes, celery, cranberries, cucumber, carrots, pineapples, together with your tuna or chicken salad 

3.When you want to eat out, opt for food that has fresh veggies and fruits as possible. This can be difficult so it is good to search beforehand and identify instant restaurants that provide fresher foods 

4.Replace your pasta with veggies instead 

Tips for Dinner 

Replace the half of your pasta with veggies 

Replace with meat with your veggies and beans 

Reduce your portion of meat and have an extra serving of salad and veggies 

Instead of eating starchy food, stir-fry veggies and opt for chicken and fish rather than pork 

Reduce your intake of meat and add some serving of salad or veggies 


You can have some blueberries, strawberries, and other fresh veggies as your snack in between meals  

You can have Guacamole. It is delicious to have 

Create some fruit popsicles and fruit kabobs 

Final thoughts 

While it may be difficult to have consistent discipline, it is also important to still try to cultivate it to have a stronger and healthier body. 

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Fertilizing Veggies: Fertilizer Options for Your Vegetable Garden

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While it is important to provide enough sunlight and adequate water to your vegetable garden, it is of equal importance to provide the needed nutrients by putting some fertilizers to have the best quality produce. If you want to start a garden with no experience, we recommend you to hire a reputable plant service or a tree company to start your garden with an expert touch. But if you already have a garden in your lawn and/or backyard, make sure that it is filled with nutrients that the plants need. 

When it comes to fertilizers, there are several options to choose from, and having a soil test is the most effective way to identify the kind of fertilizer your soil needs. Two of the most common fertilizers that are recommended by the experts are phosphorus and nitrogen, although some soil and plants may need other nutrients than these two.  

The Types of Fertilizer for Your Veggie Garden  

Your plants are typically made of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, and they all absorb these from natural elements like soil, water, air, and sun. However, having a fertile soil is something different as a fertile soil needs to have the fourteen micro and macronutrients for the plants.  

As mentioned, a soil test can help you determine which are the nutrients are lacking and are needed by the plants to make an effective garden fertilizer.  

How to Choose the Fertilizer for Your Veggie Garden 

Your fertilizers can be organic or inorganic. Organic fertilizers may not contain chemicals, but they are very slow to be absorbed by the plants. The inorganic fertilizers, on the other hand, may contain some artificial ingredients but they are easily and quickly absorbed by the plants, leading to faster growth and more yields. 

When you opt for inorganic fertilizers, you would notice the different label available on the packaging of these fertilizers. This is referred to as the NPK ratio. You may see numbers that represent the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium present in the fertilizer. A veggie garden would need a balanced ratio of these nutrients (10-10-10), although there are also a veggie gardens that need more nitrogen and less of the other nutrients like leafy green veggies. There are also plants that may need more potassium and lesser of other nutrients.  

While you may hear other people say that inorganic fertilizers harm the environment, this is not true. The harm that is caused is probably on the production processes of these fertilizers. The nutrients that can be found in them are already proven and tested so there is nothing to worry about. If you want to have a faster effect and fast absorption of the nutrients that are in the fertilizer, opt for the inorganic. However, if you want to have a fertilizer that is organic and is slowly absorbed, you can try organic fertilizer.  

When it comes to providing the right amount of nutrients to your veggie garden, it is important to give it good fertilizer and not just rely on what the water and sun can provide to it. In this way, the growth of plants and number of production are ensured. 

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